Pleasanton Chalk Art festival- My Experience


“The Big Draw” an event of colors where many chalk artists, children and families came together to support a great cause. This event was organized by the Pleasanton community to raise money to support PCAC community, promote artist and support The Arts School Grant program.


As a part of our MBA curriculum each group had to create a social media marketing campaign for this event and had to come up with the most creative viral video to spread the word across and let people know about this event via our marketing campaign.  I should be thankful to my professor and the assistant director of our MBA program for giving us this great opportunity. Getting a chance to create one such marketing campaign in real time itself was great experience.

Our concept for the viral media campaign was to reach the common people who are busy in there day to day activities. We scripted accordingly and focused on reaching three different sectors like professionals, creative people and students. Creating this video was a lifetime experience. Acting, directing, on the spot script writing, cinematography and so on it was great fun!!  I always used feel that these film stars are over rated and are overpaid, but after acting in this short clip I realized how difficult it is to act. Takes and retakes, we shot for almost half a day for a minute length video but the end result was truly amazing.  We applied the class lessons in our video and as a team were successful in generating traffic and getting more likes in less time.

The Event was held at Pleasanton City, California on May 11th and 12th. This was the first time ever I attended any such chalk art festival, so I was pretty excited to experience it.  Since I am new to California, I had not got a chance to explore many places, Pleasanton is one among them. Pleasanton city is located away from the city buzz in a very clam and pleasant location. The city streets are very primitive and historical with many authentic restaurants, with musician playing across the streets seemed like a festive city.


There were many people gathered to witness this colorful day and support the cause. Among them majority were parents with their kids. One side of the street was assigned to experienced artist who had just started to draw there amazing art and on the other hand there were many little kids scribbling things from their own creative world. The whole street was covered with colors and seemed like a wonderland. Towards the end of the street there was another talent expo where little kids were singing their favorite songs. There were many little stores which were selling art in the form of paintings, photography, handicraft, jewelry, homemade clutches, etc.


My experience was incredible with this whole event, I had great fun watching all these art work and spent a quality time with my friends from the MBA program. I got my face painted from one of the artist which I had never done before, it looked cool though. I would also like to thank Dr. Yi Jiang for offering us wonderful lunch and spending time with us.  It was the most memorable class assignment I ever had. Finally, we could actual measure the effect of our social media marketing in terms of happiness and appreciation the real talented artists got through this event. Here are few pictures to narrate my experience visually…. Enjoy!!


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Advice to be a best MBA student

1. Know your university

Being an international student, I had limited information about the University and the standard of the course. It’s always good to spend some time to know what you are getting into.

2. Utilize your resources well

Once you have enrolled to the course and you can’t do much about it, just accept the fact and move on. Rather than repenting you can always explore and utilize all the resource to best of your knowledge be it your professors or your classmates. Every one you meet is valuable and there would be something you can learn from them.

 3. Time Management

During my undergraduate days, I was just a student with all my time dedicated to studies and some time for friends and fun. My parents used to take care of all my needs. My mom used to cook great food for me and my dad used to spoon feed me while I studied through toughest subject of engineering. I hardly had to assign time for different task. But now doing MBA with many different roles from being a student to a responsible wife who has a family to take care and also manage work life balance, every minute of the day becomes precious.

 4. Saying “No” is OK

Being an Indian it’s not very easy to say “No” for others. It’s considered to be rude and offensive if one does that back in my country. But to be a successful MBA disciple one has to learn to say “no” when you really can’t fit in task to your schedule.

5. Family comes first

As soon as you get yourself into a MBA program you hardly have any time left for family. All your time is either spent in group projects, weekly assignments, individual projects, class readings, stuff to think about not just one but four other subjects, white papers, attending classes and last but not the least preparing for exams. It’s ok to pull yourself out of all these spend some quality time with family, celebrate important occasions the way it is intended to do and make them feel that you are just as normal as you were before joining the course. As the great scientist APJ Abdul Kalam said “Sometimes it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends and family, because today when I look back, grades never make me laugh but memories do”.

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 6. Live close to campus

The most important advice I would like to give to myself before I start a MBA program is to make sure to stay close to the campus else be ready to wake up early in the morning, leave home early when whole city is sleeping, spend whole time in traffic and still be late to class.

 7. Learning is an everyday process

“Nobody is perfect”, there is something one can learn even from a toddler. A person can’t be a genius and know everything on this earth. One has to learn every day, as there so much in this universe which we don’t know yet.

 8. Stay clam

MBA classes are designed to make students feel the pressure unlike the manager of any big firm. One has to learn to stay calm and composed no matter what goes wrong. There few students who panic when things are not on track. They shoot 100 emails, get nervous and also make other nervous with them. In any business world, it’s obvious that things would not always go right as planned, just remember life is not going to end there. Panicking, blame game or abusing others would never work. One has to stay calm and spend the time on making things right rather than wasting time on unnecessary panic.

 9. Be positive

Life is like a mirror, you get what you give. If you are nice to others they would be nice to you and vice versa. If you work hard you should not worry about the results and if you know you are the best you don’t have to prove it to anyone other than yourself. Be positive in whatever you do and believe in your actions, self-confidence is the mantra for a successful entrepreneur.

 10. You don’t have to like anyone nor have to hate anyone.

This was one of the best advice I got from my husband which changed my life in many aspects. In any corporate world or be a MBA program working in teams is for sure you would have arguments and sometimes it gets personal which might hurt you to an extent. But finally they are nobody to judge you. All you care is to be professional and stand up for yourself.

 11. Grades –doesn’t really matter

I am always fascinated by the fact that all successful names in the world never even completed their school, either it be Steve Jobs or it be Bill gates. But we in MBA course study about these great personalities success stories and worry about getting better grades sounds funny to me. Grade matters only when you are not able to live your dream and get hired to build someone else’s dream.

12. Build Network

Network is really important for any MBA student. Do not under-estimate any one you meet you never know what that person could be in next five years. You be an entrepreneur or an employee you would need one or the other someday in your life.

 13. Learn to deal with cultural differences

Learn about various other cultures, respect them and try to follow the little things you know to enhance your business opportunities.

 14. Be an opportunist

As an MBA student one should never let go any opportunity. You might think you cannot manage multiple things at the same time but think twice before letting it go. Once you lose an opportunity you can never get it back when you need it.

 15. Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead of time, it’s easy to reach destination when you know the route rather than wandering around to locate it. Have a short-term plan and also a long-term plan that helps reach the goal.

 16. Build beautiful memories

In the whole MBA program though you are being trained and tested on to being a great manager, how well you can extract work from people in teams, how to deal with money? Don’t forget that you are a nice human being. At the end, all you can remember would be the greatest memories you built during this one year and not any subject or grades you got. Stick your roots, know where you are coming from, be yourself, spread love and take back great memories to cherish for lifetime.

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Role of social media in future..

I am kind of addicted to social media, my day starts and ends with Facebook updates and tweets. I would love share all my experiences, thoughts and day-to-day activities. Social media tools are basically used for fun, sharing thoughts like tweeting “I am down with fever” or posting on Facebook “I have an assignment to do every week” and many more regular updates to friends and family. It is also my daily newspaper, sports magazine, window shopping tool and many more.

But of late these social media platforms are becoming more and more important, when these shares and updates hold value to society. Any tragic incident across the globe, the first place to get boomed with all updated is either Facebook or Tweeter.

Even in the case of Boston tragedy, Social media was used to the greatest extent possible. My heart goes out to all the victims of such inhuman act from mankind. I have many friends and family who stay around the place where the incident took place. I was worried and anxious to know if they were safe and is the situation under control. I was also one among the many who followed twitter updates and Facebook updates. People went ahead and created Google people finder which was used to find information about people.

I would like to say that technology has its own pro’s and con’s. Technology is used to create the havoc and technology is also used as a solution. In the case of Boston tragedy, the bombs were triggered using technology,hence mobile network had to be shut down to prevent any further actions. On the other hand technology was used to track the culprits in very less time.Sharing photos and videos right after the incident spreads awareness for people to avoid going to the place and stay in safe place. Not many people would be watching TV or would be tuned to radio to hear to the important announcements. But they would get to know by the updates on such social networks.After seeing updates on social media, I would get more information by reading newspaper.

Sometimes, the updates posted may not be true. For instance, in this Boston tragedy a rumor was circulated that a missing Indian-American student was the culprit. This could disturb their families and the person who is not involved and conveys a false message to public.

In Future,instead of using social media to just attract crowd and market their products, the corporate sector can use social media to spread awareness by creating a page. This would ensure the validity of the information shared as the company would be responsible for the source of information. Unlike, Boston police created a page for sharing information to people every time there is such an incident system should make sure they reach public with the help of social media. I would like to end my blog by saying that social media can useful in such tragic incidents if people use it in the way it is intended to.

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Social media – I am loving it!!

Social media is a new wave that generated in the late 21st century and has become a part of every one’s life today. Social media is an interactive medium where anybody can exchange information, express their opinion, endorse a brand or either support a cause.

As an individual, I am highly oriented towards the usage of social media.  In day to day life I have used for various reasons either it be personal or professional. I stay far away from my home country and it’s hard to feel at home elsewhere but social media has enabled to keep me bounded with my roots. I am updated on all the required news from politics to gossips in cinema world via social media.

As an MBA student, I believe social media is boon to youngsters who know the value addition it can make to our lives. During the process of enrollment to this MBA program we created Facebook page and as well as linked page to get to know our class mates well in advance. But the results were quite different then we went ahead and got in touch with the previous year MBA students to know the enrollment process, about the class, course etc. I could achieve all of this by sitting at home, back in India miles away just by using laptop.  Social media gave me an opportunity to explain myself better as person to the director during interview process of this course. During the course,I have extensively used the technology to work in groups remotely, have been using drop box to share documents, Video chat via google plus, share the fun moments via facebook and submit all our assignments to professor via black board or email.

Linked in on the other hand has helped me find a job without any effort of applying for one. The employer could see all my skills and supporting recommendations provided a proof for my earlier work ethics. Linked in serves a strong proof base and the employer get to know every detail about the employee.

With the help of social media, I was able to form my own NGO. Facebook is a place where we can stay connected with all our friends and family. It’s also a place where we can find people of same interest. This medium enabled me to find the right people back in India to run my NGO even in my absence. This eventually has enhanced my civic engagement and has enabled me to expand my horizon towards many more.

I advise everyone to make use of the goodness of social media and get educated on the myths of adverse effects of the same. Using social media either it be Facebook, Linked in, Twitter or any other medium makes the world smaller and connected. One has to know the limitations and effectively apply them for a safe usage and enjoy the innovation of technology.



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“If you make cu…

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”
Jeff Bezos, CEO at

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